In Progress: Patchwork

May 1, 2018

Shift Change

While on a plane today, I revisited the idea of this photo. I’m creating the quilt, yes, but what does the photo say? Originally it was just going to feauture the quilt and pieces with hands sewing one of the buttons on, but that didn’t feel strong enough, as an image, to me. So I brainstormed …

Sketching and writing ideas for Patchwork photo
April 29, 2018

Time to Dye

Today, I continued trial and error with the fabric aging. Dunking the fabric into the delicious concoction of instant espresso, vinegar, salt, turmeric, and soy sauce multiple times got me results I am satisfied with.

Testing dye strengths on fabric for proper aging

I would soak the cloth, take it outside to dry, and then realize I needed to add a bit more turmeric or espresso to darken up the light colors of the fabric more. Then, more ironing. Now, waiting for a couple fat quarters to arrive this week. Still on the hunt for two patterns I’ll be using; looks like I’ll need to settle on something. Next step of this project, after dyeing the incoming fabric, will be to start cutting out squares.

Ironing dyed fabric

Be regularly and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work.


Thanks to Austin Kleon for the plethora of incredible quotes used in his book Steal Like an Artist, including the one above. So many truths page to page; a perfect read for anyone who’s artistically inclined in any way, shape, or form.. I finished reading this book just the other day; really great stuff.

April 16, 2018

Pattern Recognition

Matching Patchwork pieces to fabric

One more time to JOANN on the hunt for the remaining fabric patterns to make up the quilt.

Searching Jo-Ann for fabric patterns

I also played with the layout of the quilt via the Patchwork board and have a layout I am happy with.

Patchwork layout design
March 12, 2018

The Game is Afoot

Also, the door is ajar.

Today began the hunt for quilt fabric!

Selecting the first cuts of fabric
January — March 2018

Quilt Planning

This photo idea has been evolving since conception: the photo started out as a large cloth button (similar to those seen in the game) stitched onto a piece of fabric; then it morphed into stitching that button onto a quilt; then into making an actual quilt, which, of course, will need to look like the Patchwork board. I found some oversized blue buttons that look like those in the game and began figuring out the design of the quilt.

Working with ideas for the Patchwork photo