In Progress: Love Letter

This project is now complete! Click here to check out the final photo.

May 23, 2018

Contents of the Envelope

Over lunch, I continued thinking on what the love letter will say and decided to throw in some humor, rather than the letter be serious. I’m going to have it read, “Will you go out with me,” and checkboxes below will have “Yes,” “No,” and “Maybe” over them.

I also want the princess’ hand to be holding a pen, about to check one of the boxes, so as to add some dynamics to the photo.

Writing out the letter with a brush marker
May 22, 2018

Moving Right Along

The wood blocks arrived today and look great, ready to be colored red. Bought a full size glue gun beg enough to handle the red glue stick (only had a mini glue gun at home, which I just realized last night.) Something I just thought of today is that there would be envelopes of varying size and handwriting, not just one type, so I bought some mini colored glue sticks from Michael’s and found additional envelopes to use.

Painting the tokens of affection

This evening, I knocked out a bunch of what I needed to do, including the wax seals, dyeing some of the envelopes, creating my own envelopes, and painting the wood cubes. I also started working on what the love letter will say.

Hot glue gun in action
May 7, 2018

Envelopes & Blocks & Trays

Envelopes were delivered today. Found some wood blocks at Michael’s over the weekend but they were about $3.50 each for a 3.5” cube. A few searches online brought me to an Etsy shop that sold a package of 10 – 2.5” cubes for $18, so I went with the smaller size. While at Michael’s, I did find some trays that will work for the inbox and outbox. It’s looking like this photo will happen within the next week or two.

May 1, 2018

Wax Seal

For a while I was looking to make the wax seals on the envelopes using actual sealing wax. I don’t use any animal products and the sticks of sealing wax can contain shellac, beeswax, and other animal products. There were methods for creating animal-free sealing wax but it was an amount of trouble that I was seeking to avoid, so I found that people were creating seals using hot glue gun sticks. I found some metallic red sticks and promptly ordered them.

Hot glue gun sticks and sketch
April 10, 2018

Heart Stamp

Debated over which design to use for the seal stamp. Found frilly single hearts and regular single hearts but wound up settling on the double heart seal.

Seal stamp for envelopes
January 2018

The Idea

Sometimes simple ideas are the best. Say apple, see apple. Say love letter, see love letter. Candlelit scene with a wax seal on envelopes, princess’ hands holding a love letter. Done.